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Crate Training A Dog Made Easy At Home

Crate training a dog is a matter of concern for most of the dog owners in the world. If you are a dog owner, for sure you must be looking for crate training ideas so that your dog does not break into your house when alone. Crate training a puppy is very important as it […]

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The Top Secrets For Training Your Pet Dog


Day 143 – West Midlands Police – Pup Idol Image by West Midlands Police PUP Idol is back…and this time we’re searching for West Midlands Police’s star Spaniel! Three years ago the force launched a contest to find its ‘Pup Idol’ as Police Dog Carter proved himself the force’s top dog German shepherd. Now the […]

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Dog Training Top Types


Puppy School Image by Vurnman A few of the 20+ students in my first dog obedience class. Lisa has taken both dogs separately in the past, but this time I’m handling Baxter. We did OK in this intermediate class on a beautiful Saturday morning. Found this photo being used here: and here: and […]

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Dog Obedience Training – Everyone Wants a Well Trained Dog


Hawk Memorial Course Image by U.S. Coast Guard ALAMEDA, Calif. – San Francisco Police Officer Roly Canales works with his German shepherd partner, Pyro, on the Hawk Memorial obedience course on Coast Guard Island, Wednesday, May 4, 2011. Hawk served at Maritime Safety and Security Team San Francisco for four years as an explosive detection […]

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What Puppy School Dog Obedience Training Can Do For You And Your Pet

Introducing a puppy to the family can be an exhilarating experience for the entire home. Especially if the household has some kids in it, the joy of having a puppy is exemplified. As cute and cuddly as your fluffy puppy might be, it also can be quite a hand-full because all puppies are naturally unruly. […]

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