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Ten Dog Training Tips

1. Make training time fun. Training time should be a chance to spend quality time with your pet. It is important that you and your pet both enjoy your time together. 2. Keep training times short and sweet as young animals have a short attention span. Several short, rewarding sessions each day are better than […]

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How to Boundary Train Your Dog

How To Hold Leash Image by lili.chin Boogie is taking Obedience Training… ( Really, it’s more like training for his humans. This is how I am supposed to hold the leash – with my right hand, and then Boogs walks on my left. He wears a sprenger collar and so far, he has been trained […]

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Personal Protection Dog Training Methods

YMCA Demo Image by cinnamonsnow Chris getting bit by Diva. Protection dog activity methods or styles variegate quite a bit withal they may materialize the like to an undisciplined somebody. This type of breeding does not urinate a dog vicious but it oftentimes bolsters this sureness as these dogs see the country that they know […]

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Tips For Boxer Dog Training

Five Cumbria Police Dog Division vehicles outside the Magistrate’s Courts, Carlisle. Image by Raymondo166 Five Cumbria Police Dog Division vehicles outside the Magistrate’s Courts, Carlisle. There were four Ford Focus Estates, plus one Peugeot Boxer van at the rear of the line-up. They were training the Dogs to find drugs, hidden around the buildings. People […]

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The Different Types of Puppy Training Classes


K2 Puppy Training Class Eastown Veterinary Clinic July 18, 2013 2 Image by stevendepolo It is advised that you go to puppy training classes as it would help you train your little puppy. However not all puppy training classes are appropriate to your puppy as most of the classes need your puppy to get to […]

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