Housetraining a Rescue Dog
For dog owners who ask about housetraining a new puppy, crate training is frequently suggested as an important part of housetraining. The idea is that dogs won’t want to soil the crate that they view as a den; they’ll want to keep their sleeping area …
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Paw’s Corner: Dog takes a break from housetraining
Q: We adopted a beautiful dog about a month ago. Chase is a great young dog, about a year old by the shelter’s estimate. But over the past week he seems to be forgetting his house training. He urinates in different corners of the house at least three …
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Ask the Pet Expert | Potty-training problems
I have a 2-year-old female pit bull and a 13-year-old male husky mix. They are house-trained. However, the pit continues to urinate on my living room and dining room carpet. We took up the old carpet and treated the subfloor with Urine Destroyer, but …
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