SHAUN STANLEY/Durango Herald
Anna Anderson recalls when she stopped there to warm up after taking out her sled dogs, Grosseibl would venture outside to her truck and give treats to each of her 17 dogs. More recently, in the early … “It was amazing she lasted another six or seven …
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Taking a bite out of crime: My day training with K-9 officers
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– I recently had the opportunity to meet some amazing officers. Some of them had two legs, and some had four. Of course … I was surprised at how gentle he was when playing “tug” with Officer Taylor's daughters and how well he got …
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Kadner: No medalists in these Winter Games
Men and women, with their eyes glued to their feet to avoid a blinding snowstorm, were making their way through a parking lot with complete disregard for their safety. You won't … They've been training for this all their lives, with no promises of …
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