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A Beginners Guide To Dog Training

You might want to have your pet inside, but they keep destroying your things. Without proper training, you can expect accidents in the house and destroyed property. The following article will teach you how you can properly train your dog. If you are keeping your dog in a crate, it’s important that you utilize tips […]

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Helping You Understand The World Of Dogs With These Easy Tips

Dogs and people have lived together for many millennia. The relationship seems reciprocal, with both dogs and humans benefiting from the arrangement. You, as the person, are responsible for making sure the dog is taken care of well. Following are some tips that will help you make sure your dog is healthy and happy. Having […]

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My Dog 101: Important Facts About Dog Care

Owning a dog is a very serious responsibility. It’s important for your dog to always be happy and healthy. By learning all that you can about being a good dog owner that knows what they’re doing, you can be sure that things go well for you and your dog. When you’re thinking of taking a […]

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Patriot Paws; training man's best friend

Patriot Paws; training man's best friend “Service dogs must pass a basic obedience test, an American Kennel Club and Canine Good Citizen Test, a Public Access Test and be trained to help their veteran with at least three tasks to help with their disability,” Hinkle said. “Missouri Patriot … Read more on Myguidon Shun the […]

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Finding the Best Doggie Daycare


Doggie Day Care Image by Mark Vitullo Tails-R-Waggin Doggie Day Care, Tallmadge, Ohio Dogs have always been our best companions, providing comfort, love and attention.  As they give us unconditional love, isn’t it only fair that we return the favor by offering them the utmost in care?  Doggie daycare is one way to ensure that […]

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