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Latest Clicker Dog Training News

Finding Fisht: The Story of Friendship Between a Stray Dog in Sochi and the … When he arrived, the construction for the Olympic site was well behind schedule, but the one thing he observed from his first day on the job was the overwhelming number of stray dogs. "There were … he reached his goal. […]

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Clicker Training Your Dog

Training pet dogs is one of the hobbies pet owners would like to try with their pets. Aside from having a dog which they can cuddle or play with, dog owners nowadays would like to have pets that they can show off to their guests and friends by making it perform even the simplest trick […]

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Puppy Clicker Training

Some say that it’s always better to start early. This adage also goes true when it comes to training dogs. It’s better to train dogs while they are still pups, although it could be a bit of a challenge when it comes to training pups, but it could be worth it along the way. There […]

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Dog Clicker Training

Guide dog training Image by MShades On the Hankyu train this morning. Clicker training for dogs is one of the most scientific ways to bring out the best behavior in dogs. Clicker training for dogs is one of the most scientific and efficient dog behavior training as it eliminates all the problems that exist with […]

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