Dog Health Care Through Fun Exercises

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dog health care
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Her ear keeps bleeding all over the place, so we duck-taped a paper towel around her ear (no adhesive touched her) and used Alabama’s already busted cone collar on her. The house and back porch are covered in blood!

When you own a pet you get a lot of privilege. For example, a dog can give you an unbiased attention while some people don’t and some pets can even tell whether a person has some good or bad motives towards you. In addition to that they have extra sensitive skills for smelling, tracking, and hearing. You will never be sorry that you have an obedient and affectionate buddy. However, raising a canine is not always that easy. Often times you need to make an extra effort in order to bring the best out of your pooch. One way of providing a dog health care to your pet is by having fun exercises.

There are some people who always look forward to exercise early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you are this kind of owner, then you are providing your pet with its daily exercise with less effort as compared to those who needs a big push in order to get going early in the morning. Some people are just lucky being an early bird and not to mention being energetic. These exercises are the major part of dog health care and they are composed of walking, brisk walking, and jogging. It is always a nice scene whenever I see an owner and pet jogging together because they are keeping up in good shape together.

To add spice to your daily exercise, you can try exploring wonderful spots in your neighborhood. And if you want to create a little adventure, you can try going out of town where in the whole family or your friends are welcome to join. This also brings out the socialization aspect of your pet. Dog health care also includes playing fetch or catch either in your own backyard or in the nearest park. It is encouraged that you bring your pet to the park so it can meet other dogs just make sure that you bring its dog poop scooper, some water and biscuits, and of course its leash.

To be safe do not let your pet mingle with some dogs that seems aggressive.

It is better that you talk to the owner first before letting your own get acquainted. Although socialization is highly recommended, safety should be always on your mind because you will not want your pooch to have a bad experience in the park. If your pooch seems a bit lazy to exercise try giving its favorite treats as warm up. However, just a word of caution, do not do this often because you might spoil your pet and will only obey you until it gets a bribe.

Dog health care should always be your top priority along with keeping your pooch happy. And you should be able to maintain balance between your pooch’s total wellness. Never give it too much treats that it will soon be overweight and doing less and less exercise. You can also add a personal touch to any of your dog health care exercises like going to the spa together, bringing it to a pet grooming center or even groom him or her yourself. Just unleash your creative mind and you can’t stop the ides from flowing.

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