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Latest Puppy Obedience Training News

My dusty valentine: Marine couple deployed together in Helmand The puppy needed obedience training, so Johnson headed over to the recruit depot’s kennels. As luck would have it, the Marine who was supposed to help Johnson with the training was busy. So, Sgt. Andrew Johnson, a military dog handler, volunteered to … Read more on Stars […]

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Latest Houston Dog Training News

Great Dog Houston: Baby, pug cookie video not as cute as it looks Yes, the trainer is recommending training , good modern reward-based training. There’s just no better way. And finally, let’s decide together to stop glorifying these videos of dogs and children in conflict. There’s so much real cuteness out there … Read more […]

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Latest Training A Puppy News

Puppy training requires clear messages The methods used with young puppies are different from those used with adults because pups are so clueless. Since pups are great readers of and responders to body language, such as pointing right with the arm when you want to turn right, you can use … Read more on St. […]

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Latest Dog Protection Training News

Speak Out for Feb. 19, 2014 A person chained their dog to a tree in the freezing cold. A domestic cat owner leaves cats out to get pregnant over and over again. A stable owner may mistreat their animals. Government should do more for those that have no voices. Animals need … Read more on […]

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Latest Dog Training Prices News

Curtain call END OF AN ERA: Norm Keast with one of his Coolie puppies that he is selling for a reasonable price. Tweet. Facebook. of. ╳ … During one of his shows a lady asked him how he trained his dogs to walk on their hind legs. He told her that he would sit … […]

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