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Latest Dog Sitting Services News

California Pet Sitter Named Pet Sitters International's 2013 Pet Sitter of the … Sari Reis, CPPS, owner of Mission Valley Pet Sitting Services in San Diego, Calif., has been named Pet Sitters International's 2013 Pet Sitter of the Year™. This award is presented annually to one pet sitter who embodies the passion and … Read […]

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Latest Dog Care Games News

The Last of Us – Left Behind: The Zombie Apocalypse vs. Female Friendship and … This past Friday Naughty Dog left everyone a wonderful, fungus-and-scream-filled Valentines Day present: their first single-player story DLC for The Last of Us, in which the only player character is the game's teenage co-protagonist Ellie. … the game … Read […]

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Latest Dog Sitting Rates News

A conversation with The Top Dog Guy It dawned on me then that this idea that, just because you go to a good school and come out with your college education, there's gonna be this $ 70,000 job just waiting for you, where you're sitting at an office desk pushing paper–is over. That dream is […]

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Latest Potty Training A Puppy News

5 Robopets to Fill Your Loneliness And oh, no potty issues to deal with, either! Yes, we are talking about robopets! They are right at home in your home, whether … Further, just like a real puppy, Zoomer needs to be trained. This doggie is something that will grow on you, and with you … […]

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Latest Training Classes For Dogs News

Class time for doggies The Family Dog classes began, and Waldo — he's 4 — started making progress, Fenton said. He picked up quickly on commands such as “sit,” “down,” and “shake.” He became friendly with the other dogs in the class. With the training, Waldo has since … Read more on The Salinas Californian

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