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Helping You Understand The World Of Dogs With These Easy Tips

Dogs and people have lived together for many millennia. The relationship seems reciprocal, with both dogs and humans benefiting from the arrangement. You, as the person, are responsible for making sure the dog is taken care of well. Following are some tips that will help you make sure your dog is healthy and happy. Having […]

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Starting A Dog Business: How To Video for dog walking, pet sitting, etc

This video will help you in starting a dog business. Step by step, learn the fundamentals to getting your dog walking, pet sitting, or other pet-related serv… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Create a dog business ? how to establish dog sitting rates

Farm dog Otago Peninsula Image by NathanaelB A friendly heading dog that was just sitting by the side of the road and wanted to get in our car. We got out and played with it for a bit, then kept driving. It followed us for 2km to the end of the road … and back! […]

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Latest Dog Sitting Services News

California Pet Sitter Named Pet Sitters International's 2013 Pet Sitter of the … Sari Reis, CPPS, owner of Mission Valley Pet Sitting Services in San Diego, Calif., has been named Pet Sitters International's 2013 Pet Sitter of the Yearâ„¢. This award is presented annually to one pet sitter who embodies the passion and … Read […]

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Latest Dog Sitting Rates News

A conversation with The Top Dog Guy It dawned on me then that this idea that, just because you go to a good school and come out with your college education, there's gonna be this $ 70,000 job just waiting for you, where you're sitting at an office desk pushing paper–is over. That dream is […]

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