Fully sick dog mate!
dog care games

Image by pierre pouliquin
I played a bit (hue mostly)…can you spot the "original" just by looking at the pics (thumbnail size may be enough)?

From the the wikipedia link: "The lack of hair leads to a reputation for being clean, for being easy to wash with a sponge, and for a natural lack of fleas or other parasites. Despite this, the dog needs as much care as other dogs, but in another way. The skin should be taken care of frequently. Almost all of this breed tend to have acne or at least blackheads. The skin often becomes too dry and can be treated with some kind of moisturing cream."

Dog with acne!!!

Upcoming Olympic Games Provides Unique Backdrop to the Dog Daycare Games
While the world turns their attention to the 2014 Winter Olympics, dog daycare businesses that are part of The Dog Gurus, an online community dedicated to keeping dogs safe, will compete for medals in the first annual Daycare Games. Most people think …
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The Sochi stray dog dilemma: does the world care more about Russia's animals
He's about as pro-Putin Russia as you can get, yet he didn't want to see the dogs "culled" either. Some question whether his funding for animal shelters in Sochi will extend beyond the length of the games, but it's still a big gesture that can only be …
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Luke Karmali's Top 10 Games of All Time
I loved the world of Pokemon along with the idea of caring for and raising a team (again, see my lack of a dog growing up), but as someone who's always been fairly meticulous and list-driven, the burgeoning completionist inside me loved the challenge …
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Naughty Dog Give Us More 'The Last of Us' With 'Left Behind' DLC – Critical
Naughty Dog put time, care and attention into their work. The Last of Us was a forensically crafted, deep title with … Metro weren't the only ones to bemoan the price of Naughty Dog's high-end gaming add-on. CVG awarded Left Behind a lowly 7, citing …
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