Muck boots
trained dogs for sale

Image by Bailey (and Muppet)
A shop in my town had these really fancy boots for sale. So I got me some new muck boots. I find them to be quite an improvement compared to the dull darkgreen ones that I have.

Then again, after walking and running the entire saturday morning on a very wet and very muddy field, trying to train the dogs, they all get covered in mud….

Laws' restraints bind animal officer's fixes
… or any dog that has inflicted severe injury on a human being without provocation; or any dog that had killed a domestic animal without provocation; or any dog owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of dog fighting or any dog trained …
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Kraftwerk K9
Today, Kraftwerk K9 breeds and trains working German Shepherds at every level, offering puppies from Schutzhund tested parents, slightly older obedience trained dogs, young trained dogs, and fully trained protection dogs. All breeding and training is …
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Carthage Library offers family activities for winter break
During the program at the library, participants will meet Mrs. Stark's dog team, learn how to harness dogs to the sled, see and learn about sledding equipment, find out how the dogs are trained and cared for and view the gear used on the trail. “Mostly …

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