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Day 143 – West Midlands Police – Pup Idol
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Image by West Midlands Police
PUP Idol is back…and this time we’re searching for West Midlands Police’s star Spaniel!

Three years ago the force launched a contest to find its ‘Pup Idol’ as Police Dog Carter proved himself the force’s top dog German shepherd. Now the search is on to see which Spaniel will be crowned King of the Canines – and these Springers are determined the sequel will be every bit as good as the original!

You can view a great video of our Pup Idol contenders here:…

Your dog wants to be trained to be a well-behaved and well-mannered pooch. He will be much happier and much more content the better trained that he is. You will also enjoy him more. Dogs are pack animals and they receive pleasure from following the leader of the pack. You just need to make sure that the leader or the “alpha dog” is you.

A dog that is untrained tends to be more nervous and rambunctious, mostly because he is unsure what it expected of him. A dog is much happier when he can follow your orders and he knows exactly what is expected of him. Training your dog will keep your dog safer and happier too.

You can take advantage of many ways to train your dog. There are many books and videos out there and you can also find some great online courses. Almost every city also has professional dog trainers and dog obedience classes that you can attend also.

Even if your dog is older you should begin training him immediately when he arrives at your home. If you have heard that “you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks” you should know that it is a myth. A dog of any age will respond to a good leader and positive reinforcement. There are no excuses for not training your pet.

You will often have the most success in dog training when you make it fun and teach during “playtime”. You will still be teaching serious lessons but both of you will enjoy it more if you don’t try to force things but just enjoy the process. Your dog may learn some things quickly and other things may take longer but either way just enjoy the process and he will be trained to do whatever you want in no time at all.

It is crucial to use positive reinforcement with either praise or treats to acknowledge when your dog does something right.

You need to do it immediately so that he will associate the good feeling of the reinforcement to the correct behavior. The same thing goes for any kind of reprimand. It must always be done immediately.

A dog cannot reason and he can only associate positive or negative reinforcement with what is happening at the moment. If you scold your dog now for something that he did an hour ago, it is completely useless and it will only serve to scare him needlessly because he won’t comprehend your reasoning.

The absolute most important thing that you need to remember when it comes to dog training and even dog ownership is that you need to be the leader of the pack or the “alpha dog”. One way to establish this hierarchy rather quickly is by rubbing their belly as soon as they roll over. They will have to submit to you to allow you to do this and it will confirm you as the leader of the pack in their mind. If you are established as the leader and you make it fun for your dog, all of then your training will be much easier and faster.

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