Prison-trained dog helps autistic boy
DENVER — Susy Tucker marks the time her autistic son, Zach, began hugging her again by the arrival of Clyde, a chocolate Labrador trained behind bars by a convicted killer. Within three weeks of Clyde’s arrival at the Tuckers’ home in Colorado Springs …
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Mutts welcome at Westminster dog show’s first agility trial
Australian shepherd Jackie D. is “crying to do agility,” says her owner, Neno Pessoa, a dog trainer and breeder from Bloomsbury, N.J. “If I train her puppy and I don’t train her on one day, she’s cranky.” Saturday’s competitors spanned 63 different …
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Recruits sight in on rifle qualification
Rifle qualification is one of many graduation requirements in recruit training, which is why recruits received ample training on the rifle and how to fire it properly. “Most recruits have never fired a … On the range, there were three different types …
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