3 Reasons For Dog Obedience Training

Too many people add a young puppy to their family and do not take the opportunity to housebreak it or train it in the areas of obedience and temperament. Too late they find that a dog’s habits are difficult to break, and an untrained animal will result in straying, aggressive behavior toward the neighbors, and plenty of ruined household items; these are the main reasons for dog obedience training.

Regardless of the breed, dogs and especially puppies need to be trained for a variety of reasons. A canine’s natural habits include exploring, hunting and retrieving, following scent tracks, and chewing to maintain healthy teeth. While it is not necessary to try and break these natural tendencies, letting a dog know when and where to use their natural instincts is essential. Giving them basic dog collars and leashes or harnesses will help the canines feel secure and help the owner with control and safety.

Indoor Puppies Are A Nuisance If Not Housebroken
More and more people live in apartments, condos and retirement communities. These establishments often allow pets, but unless they are properly housebroken, an animal’s anxiety at being confined indoors results in a lot of items being used as chew toys. This is a dog’s natural release of stress and loneliness if the owner is not at home. One of the first things taught at puppy obedience schools is a series of commands that lets the dog know what is acceptable as a toy and what is not. And puppies that are confined will need to be potty-trained until they are large enough to be taken outdoors.

Clicker Commands And Invisible Fences
Most dogs respond quite well to clicker command training, and some breeds often grow to adulthood no longer needing the mechanical sound to remind them of what to do or not do; simple words often suffice after months of clicker training. Voice commands work very well with older dogs, but puppies respond best to clicker commands until they are fully grown. Invisible fence training is also handled at many obedience schools.

A Dog’s Attitude Around Strangers
Even breeds with mild tempers, such as a golden or Labrador retriever, will often feel uncomfortable around strangers, even young children. One of the most important reasons for dog obedience training is to bring the animal into contact with a number of people and let it get used to being touched by those who exude a completely different scent than its owner. After the pet is fully grown, this type of reassurance training becomes less successful, so it is important to have puppy training include acceptance of unfamiliar people. This will in no way undermine the dog’s instinct to protect its owner from attack; dogs have a strong desire to keep harmful people and animals away from its loved ones.

A pet depends on its owner for everything, from food and shelter to protection from disease. Obedience training helps insure that your animal and all those it comes in contact with are safe.

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