A Word of Advice for New Dog Trainers

dog obedience trainers
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Proper dog training is a must when you get a new puppy. It is essential for proper dog behavior and for avoidance of any future problems. Some of the key tools and supplies you may need for this purpose are given below:

Crate: Crates are essential for housebreaking of a puppy. It should be large enough to allow the puppy to move around but not too big for the puppy to think it can use a corner as a bathroom.
Leash: Leash is a must have for proper dog training. This allows you to have some control over the dog. It is extremely important especially during the training period. Try a few out before buying one. You should check to see how it feels in your hand as you are going to be using it for a long time. Also, decide on one which would be long enough to give your dog some freedom when required.
Collar: Collars are necessary for attaching a leash on. They also are used to display identification information in case the dog is lost. There are so many styles and designs of collars available in the market. Try to decide on a design which will be suitable for the dog’s training.
Harness: Do keep in mind that if your dog is not comfortable with a leash then you may need to replace it with a harness.
Clicker: Dog owners often use a device that makes a certain sound for dog training. They train the dog to respond to that sound. It is called as clicker training. It is a recommended method of training the new dogs and you may decide to try it out. If you do want to go this way then you must get a clicker as well from the pet supply store.
Treats: It is always a good idea to have some dog treats handy. You can use them to reinforce good behavior. Whenever your dog follows your command you can award him with a treat.
Toys: Invest in a few toys that dog may be able to chew on. This will save your furniture, shoes or other stuff from being bitten.
Media: Nowadays quite a bit of options are available when it comes to books, DVDs and videos with training guides and information. Try to find a good resource suited to your unique needs and you can learn a few time tested techniques from experts.  This is a cost effective way of doing it as well, rather than hiring a dog trainer.

Try to follow some of the above guidelines and you will be well on your way to being a successful dog owner. However, do remember dog training does not happen in days. It can take a long time to teach your dog the proper behavior you expect of it. You must be patient and persistent.

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