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Happy Tails: Flash
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Image by LollypopFarm
We adopted Flash from Lollypop 2 years ago next month. Flash is a beagle mix (we believe it is Basset Hound / Beagle) and had been in Lollypop over 2 months when we adopted him. Flash was 9 years old and had been adopted 11 months earlier and returned. Flash is extremely submissive – never barks, growls, and barely make a sound. Heck, it’s tough to get Flash excited about anything … except when you first come home and at meal time. He also has separation anxiety – all issues we dealt with to make Flash part of the family. Flash has no interest in playing and generally spends most of his day curled up at the closest heat source (except in the summer when the A/C vent is Flash’s favorite hangout).

About a year ago, Flash started visiting his “Grandma” during the day and some evenings as her health had gone downhill. She is now confined to a wheelchair and requires 24/7 care. The amazing thing is ….when he visits “Grandma," Flash is transformed from "submissive lay in the corner and sleep boy" to "super watchdog beagle." If anyone comes in Grandma’s house Flash doesn’t know, he barks. When someone approached Grandma he didn’t know … he growled (first and only time we have heard him growl). He follows Grandma EVERYWHERE and always sleeps in Grandma’s room when overnight at Grandma’s house. When Grandma naps, Flash is always by her side making sure she is OK. And when he leaves Grandma’s house he cries like a baby during the entire car ride – and it’s not car anxiety because he never cries when the car leaves home and heads to Grandma’s house. All Grandma’s caretakers love Flash and want to take him home … Flash just wonders where all these people were two years ago when he waited 2 months to get adopted from Lollypop!

Nowadays, Flash spends most weekdays and a good part of the weekends at Grandma’s house. Grandma takes great comfort that Flash is always nearby, and Flash loves his Grandma. And to think someone dropped this wonderful dog off at Lollypop Farm when he got old … what a blessing Flash is for everyone in the family .. especially Grandma.

Richard L.

If you are one of those dog owners who feel that a dog doesn’t require its own bed, then you are wrong. Your pet too needs his own space to relax and stretch just as you do. Especially when you leave your dog all alone in the home during the day, then he prefers to have the warmth and comfort of his own bed. When you become a dog owner, the health and comfort of your dog is the most important thing.


This article will help you in looking for a perfect dog bed. There are a few simple points to think about when looking for a dog bed. Dogs have different sleeping habits just as we do, all of them don’t sleep the same way and therefore different kinds of dog beds are available in the market. It’s extremely important to get the right sized bed. Measure the size of you dog or you can even ask you vet to do that. The length and width of the dog should be taken into account.

For considering the shape of dog bed you need to buy, watch your dog when he is asleep. Does he stretch out while sleeping for curl up into a ball? Rectangular and curve shaped beds can be bought accordingly suiting the sleeping habits of your pet.
Therapeutic dog beds with supportive sides and mattresses are ideal for an elderly dog. If your dog suffers from arthritis or joint problems, padded mattresses will be greatly enjoyed by him. The thickly padded mattress beds which are designed for even distribution of weight come in many varieties. All these factors in a bed will help dogs with joint problems.

Just as you wont pick couch of any color for your home, don’t pick any dog bed as it will become a part of your home décor.

Your dog will definitely not like your idea of getting rid of his bed is its gets out of fashion, as he will get attached to it. Some varieties of dog beds based on their shape are sofa dog beds, round dog beds, donut dog beds, rectangle dog beds, hooded dog bed and reversible dog beds.

So what are you waiting for? Give the gift of a nice dog bed to your loyal pet as he deserves to be treated with love. There are many dog product stores which provide dog collars, dog toys, walking dog harness, dog ramp and dog bowl apart from dog beds.

Tracey Cannon is the Marketing Manager at Waggers based in Cumbria, England states that many of Waggers dog products are produced exclusively for Waggers ensuring the ultimate in comfort and care for your dog. The company offers an exciting range of dog products, including dog ramp, dog beds, dog collars and leads and leather dog collar etc. in addition with a selection of dog training products.

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