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Training: Tür zu
clicker dog training
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08.11.2011 – Dalmatiner Angie beim Üben von "Tür zu". Angie ist hier 7 Monate alt. Geübt wird mit Clicker.
Angie soll am Strick ziehen und die Tür schließen bis die Klinke einrastet. Geübt wurde bislang ca. 1 Woche mit jeweils 2 Minuten pro Tag.

Clicker dog training depends on the use of the gadget which tends to make a little mechanical noise, thus triggering a specific conduct in the dog. The technique is efficient only when used in combination with the incentive system. When you click the gadget, the dog does what you order, then gets a treat or incentive of some type for that great conduct. This method bears the name of constructive encouragement, and it’s been tested with around 140 species including cats, dogs, whales, bears and lions.

Clicker dog training is regarded as only a step in the training of the pet, because gradually the clicker could be changed by a straightforward tone order like ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘fetch’ or the like. Once the response is shifted to the brand new cue (your voice) then you not need the clicker. This sets a superior program of communication, a link between coach or handler and the pet. An additional enormous advantage is that clicker dog training minimizes the practice time by 30%.

The use of the clicker assists the coach prevent noise variations. This means that the accuracy in the pet’s response is a lot greater, that shows really convenient for tasks which require accuracy. Instructors normally make use of their own voice when the conduct they require isn’t that precise. Research point out that tasks that have been mastered with the assistance of the clicker are retain and the dog reacts to the stimulation even if it doesn’t practice for years.

You do not have to buy a clicker, any gadget which sends a short sign and is consist, could be used. Nevertheless, the idea would be to keep the noise consistent in order to not confuse the dog.

For a lot of activities the simplicity of clicker dog training is totally extraordinary, and customers experience great rewards within their relationship with their dog. Nevertheless, tons of individuals don’t make use of the clicker because their judgment is biased on account of misguided beliefs.

If you take your pet to an expert coach or you study the way to work with the animal at home, a lot could be achieved. You will begin by using the clicker in environments where there is absolutely no diversion, and then gradually improve the complexity until the animal is capable to carry out tasks in any kind of situations. Make sure you make use of a varied type of incentives and never rely solely on food. That may be an error! Additionally, you need to only reward the animal when the task has been completed!

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