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Training: Auf’s Kissen
clicker dog training
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08.11.2011 – Angie soll mit dem Signal "Auf’s Kissen" umgehend auf ihr Kissen und sich hinlegen. Ertönt das Signal "Get up" darf sie aufstehen.

Dalmatiner Angie ist hier 7 Monate alt. Geübt wird mit Clicker. Geübt wurde bislang ca. 2 Woche mit jeweils 2 Minuten pro Tag.

Does telling your dog to stop barking or to stay put give you a headache? If you’re having some difficulties in making your dog follow your simple orders and if you’re already feeling that your dog is moving away from you, then it isn’t the end for you because you can be assured that there is a better way to make your dog follow and that is through clickers dog training. This kind of training will make you feel that you are still the master and that your pet is not that mean after all.

Clicker training a dog is said to be an effective way to train a dog to follow simple to complex commands. This has to be used appropriately and consistently so that you can yield positive results. If you came from a situation in which you were always nagging at your dog, you have to brush off that attitude before you start clicker training your dog because it will never have a positive result if you combine clicker training with your nagging because the clicking sound that you use here should give a positive signal to your pet and not a negative one. It’s really a matter of clicking and giving your dog the reward that it deserves. Once you already know how to use the clicker appropriately, you just need to be consistent in using this device because the key here is that the dog should be well familiarized with the signal and the rewards it’s getting from you. You should start off with the basic skills like asking the dog to sit or to stay put, and you can reward the dog with simple treats. As you go from simple tricks to the more complex ones, you provide your dog with better rewards that should come after you make the clicking sound.

Clickers dog training is an easy way to make your dog follow and to make you feel that you can be a trainer too.

You just need to be more patient and you can once again form a better bond with your pet and you will love your pet more than before because of the things that it can do for you, which is all because of a simple click.

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