Crate Training A Dog Made Easy At Home

Crate training a dog is a matter of concern for most of the dog owners in the world. If you are a dog owner, for sure you must be looking for crate training ideas so that your dog does not break into your house when alone. Crate training a puppy is very important as it keeps him disciplined and controls the destructive behavior. It not only makes your but his life easy too. So, take a look at our following tips on obedience training and for crate training a dog.

Importance of a crate
A crate is of great importance, not only for you but for your dog as well. In fact, most of the dogs love their crate as it is a small warm place that belongs just to them. If you might have observed, even stray dogs like to create a small place for them on a corner of the street. A crate gives the feeling of a safe place to dogs, which they can take control of. On the other hand, it is difficult to manage their area for dogs that have wide spaces and hence they try to control entire household.

Crate training a dog
The crate training should ideally start when your dog is just a puppy. It is so because it is really difficult for grown up dogs to get used to the crate. Moreover, it is easy to create train a puppy as they are easily adaptable. Once your puppy will adapt with sleeping in its crate, there will be no problems for the rest of the life.

To start with crate training a dog, place it in a room where your dog can see a lot of people during the day. Initially, you can place it in your bedroom in the night so as to assure him that there is a safe presence around. After a month or two, keep the crate on the same place as during the day, but closer to you so that you can monitor it.

Make sure that the crate is clean whenever your dog enters into it. It will assure him that he is given a clean space to live just like other areas of the house. Do not get a very big crate or your dog will create a mess in it. It should be wide enough so that it can rest and turn in it comfortably.

Never get too pushy or impulsive while crate training a dog and giving him obedience training as it may upset him. When your dog enters the crate, be quiet for 5 minutes, do not give any attention and let him be comfortable inside. Then, appreciate him that he did the right thing. Start the crate training sessions for short periods like one or two hours and gradually extend it to full day or full night.

If you will deal with your furry friend kindly while crate training him, he will get adapted quickly. In fact, he will simply start loving his crate.

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