Dog Aggression Toward Humans

When dogs display aggressive behaviors towards humans, their actions must be taken very seriously. Problems of this nature require the guidance of a certified dog trainer who is experienced in aggression and typically, a clinical behavioralist. Clinical behavioralists are veterinarians with a specialty in animal behavior and their skills are invaluable when rehabilitating human aggressive pets.

Virtually all aggression stems from fear. Dogs that exhibit aggressive behaviors are often labeled as bad and are quickly euthanized. However, many of these dogs can become safe family pets if they are given appropriate training, environmental control and a chance. It is critical to state that dog to human aggression is not something a dog owner should attempt to correct without professional guidance. Safety and precaution are warranted.

The most common causes of dog to human aggression are:

• The dog is fearful because he hasn’t been properly socialized. Fearful dogs often bite out of fear or display aggressive behaviors as an offensive strategy. This tactic works very well for a frightened dog. In most cases, humans avoid a dog if he is aggressively barking, growling or making threatening gestures. Thus the dog learns that this type of behavior prevents what he fears the most (humans) from approaching him.
• The dog has received formal guard dog or attack training.
• The dog has learned that he can get his way or control a situation by acting out in threatening ways.
• The dog has been physically or emotionally abused.
• Genetic defects, inbreeding and improper puppy care can create a psychologically unbalanced dog.

Extreme fear, often resulting in aggression, is a common problem in puppy mill puppies purchased from pet stores.

Our business was built on successfully managing aggressive tendencies. Our core values, and beliefs warrant that all dogs deserve a right to life and our experience with aggression has taught us that most dogs can be rehabilitated. The few that are unsuccessful can live out their lives in sanctuaries created specifically for dogs with emotional or behavioral problems.

If you have a human-aggressive pet, please contact us immediately for a no-charge, no-guilt consultation before euthanizing your pet. There are many other options available including safe rehoming and retraining. We will also provide you with a clinical behavioralist in your area to ensure that your pet receives the finest, veterinary and behavioral modification care.

The goal of all dog training is to find peaceable solutions to everyday problems so that pets and their owners live harmoniously.


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