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Having stressful work at the office? Or are you tired during the weekends? Is your work cutting off your attention to your pet dog?

Let’s not this be the pullback in keeping the relationship between you and your dog. Do not disappoint your dog. It’s not good for their health. Do not wait for your dog to start ignoring you. Instead, take the advantage of playing fetch without exceeding efforts.

The automatic dog ball launcher is the answer. It is the advanced type of a dog ball thrower. It acts like a tennis ball throwing machine, but smaller, with brighter color designs for attraction. It also has a feeder that gets the balls from the bucket and it launches the balls 45 plus feet in the air.

This product is remarkable. It is designed for automatic fetch that provides about 5 to 15-second launch interval for each ball. Newer models have already included safety sensors and remote control.

How you can benefit from this is you can simply turn on the automatic ball launcher while you are relaxing in the backyard or doing some paper works, and then watch this extraordinary dog toy shoot balls for an hour or two. But if your dog is obsessed with balls, then expect a whole day of action.

It’s a very decent machine that one can definitely make use of in tight-scheduled weeks. There are several kinds of dog ball launchers. They vary in sizes and colors. It depends on who the manufacturer is.  One highly recommended device for you to use is GoDogGo’s famous G3 Fetch Machine. This is the new breed of dog ball launcher.

It is advanced for its kind, because it includes the
remote and the safety sensors.

The remote control allows you to control from a distant the launch of each ball. You can purchase this from the big retail stores, small pet shops or the internet. Regular price of this machine costs a little more than a hundred dollars. It’s worth the expenses especially if you have a very hectic schedule.

It is really difficult to accommodate work and leisure all together at the same time nowadays. But you can do it with the automatic dog ball launcher. You don’t have to disappoint your pet anymore. You can now provide him with daily ball chasing that every dog needs. An hour a day of entertaining your dog with the ball launcher can already help strengthen you relationship as owner and pet.

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