Dog Camping

This summer is coming, would you like to take your dog to beaches, mountains for a relaxing camping trip? What will be better than roughing it in the wilderness with your dog? Dogs have a natural pleasure in getting outdoors and seeing new sights, sniffing new smells. Of course, everything fun comes with a little danger, so what you should do is to keep safety in mind and obey laws and campsite rules when camping. Besides, you should make good preparations for your dog camping which will be a unique and special experience!

Prepare for a dog camping

If you are planning to camp with your dog, you need make your dog get used to your expectations on the camping. For example, you’ll probably need your dog to sleep calmly in the camping tent. When he feels comfortable there, you had better try closing the door. It is also a good idea if you are willing to prepare a single small pop up gazebo or mini marquee for your dog, so that you can have a good sleep in your camping tent alone. However, you should not give chance to your dog to run out of the tent.

In addition, you should also make your dog get used to the food and water that you can have access to while camping. Make sure your dog won’t refuse to drink the water and have the food. You shouldn’t let your dog drink creek or lake water, because it could contain bacteria, viruses, and protozoan.

During the camping trip

During the camping trip, you should make sure the municipality you are in, and obey the laws of the state. Don’t assume your dog is allowed, for some protected wilderness areas don’t allow pets.

If you will be camping in the wilderness rather than at a campsite, ask the local authorities to find out if the area allows dogs.

Even if there is no law or rule mandating it, you had better keep your dog on leash at all times while camping. Dangers to off-leash dogs in wilderness areas are numerous, from mountain lions to trigger-happy hunters. Plus, an off-leash dog could kill or harm native plant and animal species, damaging the area for future campers. Keep your dog on leash for your dog’s safety and that of the ecosystem you’re visiting. Everyone should protect the environment to the best of his ability when camping.

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