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Leash training dogs can be seen as unimportant by new dog owners. While getting your puppy or adult dog used to being on leash is fairly quick and simple, taking the time to properly train your dog to behave and walk politely while on a leash will result in great advantages in the near future, especially if your puppy is expected to weigh 50 pounds or more.

Common Leash Training Questions

I receive at least a dozen questions every week from new dog owners who want to know about leash training. Amongst other things, they inquire about the best and worst types of dog leash, how long they should walk their dog and how to get the dog to stop pulling.

You’ll find a list of common leash training questions below. You should keep in mind that there is more than one right way to train your dog, no matter if you’re talking about leash training or other types of training. It is perfectly fine to mix and match your own training ideas with the advice below as long as you keep it 100% positive. Negative dog training should never be an option and it is highly discouraged.

Here are a few basic leash training questions to get us started:

1. How long should I allow the leash to extend when walking my dog? Most dog trainers agree that your dog (puppy or adult) does not need anymore than 5 to 6 feet of leash to roam around when you are walking your dog. This distance allows plenty of room for you to keep control of your dog and the overall situation. It also gives your dog a chance to explore and sniff out the area along the way.

2. What should my leash be made of? Most leashes available for sale in typical pet stores are made of nylon. This material is easy to wash and nylon leashes come in a variety of colors.

One downside to nylon leashes is that they will burn your hand if the dog makes sudden movements away from you while the leash moves through your fingers.

I recommend leather leashes. To be more specific, a 6-foot leather leash is the perfect leash. Being made of leather, it will last a long time and it will not burn your hand if it is suddenly pulled. By using such a leash, your grip can stay firm and you can have better control over your dog.

3. Are chain leashes a good idea? The advantage of a chain leash is that it is practically indestructible and you will likely not see the end of its life. However, chain leashes are even more dangerous than nylon leashes as the chain could really hurt your hand if the dog were to yank on it and your grip were to slip.

4. What width should my leash be? To keep it simple, your leash should be between ½ inches and ¾ inches wide. Always try to avoid heavy or bulky leashes.

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