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Have you simply gotten your first puppy and want to make sure that you start your new pet on its way to a long healthy life with your family? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Alpha Paws dog training school may be right for you.

Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschool is a one hour program that is conducted by a professional dog trainer right in your home. It is designed to help you and puppy get off to a good start and covers such things as

1. Potty training your puppy

2. positive puppy games you can play with your new pet

3. Controlling your puppies chewing and biting

4. Giving your new best friend the proper nutrition

5. Helping you to ensure that your child and puppy interact well together

6. This program touches on many other issues as well.

Basic Obedience Training

Alpha paws basic training program is a ten day program that teaches your dog all the basic obedience commands and signals and that these commands must be obeyed. In addition, there are 5 follow up lessons with family members to help them integrate the use of the commands in the home with all family members.

Off The Leash Program

Alpha Paws also offers a 10 day off the leash program that will have your dog working in your home and enclosed yard without a leash despite any distractions that come along. He will increase his knowledge of both verbal commands and hand signals as well.

Behavior Problems

Alpha paws dog training also offers you help with a wide range of behavior problems your dog may be having including:

1. Destructive behaviors such as digging biting during play and various kinds of aggression

2. Chasing cars, animals, birds and other moving objects

3. excessive barking

4. housebreaking issues

There is even a free assessment that you can fill out online to help Alpha Paws determine what type of behavior training your pet needs.

Alpha Paws is a great program that provides training both for you and your pet and helps to strengthen the bond between you and your beloved pet. However, unless you live in Newmarket, Ontario or the surrounding area you won’t be easily able to enroll in training programs. However, there is no need to despair as the founder of Alpha Paws, Peter Brown offers a DVD of his training program to those who live too far away to take advantage of the live program.

Whether you enroll in the program or purchase the training DVD you can rest assured that the tips you receive will help you to have more confidence in your relationship with your dog and make you a better, more confident owner and your pet a better behaved dog.

At Alpha Paws we have a training solution that’s right for you! All of our programs consist of private individual sessions with a professional dog trainer. We believe that the best results are achieved through focused, one-on-one sessions with you and your dog.

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