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Bindy – the sniffer dog
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Border Force officers and faithful sniffer dog, Bindy, were filmed stopping banned food items from entering the UK for BBC1’s Food Inspectors.

Border Force officers together with specially trained detector dogs such as Bindy seek out banned animal products on behalf of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

To highlight this vital work that helps prevent dangerous infections reaching the UK food chain, the BBC filmed the work of a group of officers at Gatwick airport last autumn.

Many of us keep pets. Pets have become a part and parcel of many households and it is quite true that be it a bird, dog or cat they do bring a freshness and welcome respite to the daily mundane colors of life. A dog is one of the most popular choices as the pet.

A dog is generally preferred as the pet because of the fact they are amiable and social by nature. A truly devoted animal, the dog is always up there among the rankings when it comes to obeying orders and doing duties. They well and truly transpire as the mans best friend and it has been seen more often than not that dogs have even turned up as the savior o both man and property when the need came.

This though sums up all the benefits of having a pet and more so the dog as a pet it is quite true that the training of the animal might prove to be a bit to tedious for the owners. It is literally a daunting task to train the dog and most often the owners are confused as to employ a trainer or train the animal themselves. This usually leads to confusion when the trainer is changed and results in an ill-mannered dog. There is nothing more disastrous for a household than an ill-mannered dog. A misbehaving dog will rip of slippers, shades and throw tantrums all around the house. So it is very important that certain set of rules are always followed during the growing up phase of the animal.

Dog toilet training is something which needs to given a thought to because you wont want your dog to litter the entire house. It is essential that you decide upon whether to employ a trainer or train the dog yourself. If you want to train the dog yourself you must keep in mind the following points.

Crate training a puppy is the best way to train your dog. This starts off with the buying of a crate for the dog where it will be made to sleep in. though it can sound a bit cruel to the dog but it is absolutely essential. Crate training a puppy is the only way to ensure that the dog develops a sense of hygiene because it will not want to litter its own sleeping place. Crate training a puppy will also ensure that the dog will understand the value of personal place of everyone around the house and will not dirty the entire house while relieving itself.

The best way to make sure that the dog obeys your commands is to make it understand that whenever it does what it is asked to you will be giving him a pat on the back, a coat brush or a playing session in the evening at the park.

These house training methods are really important because these will keep the dog happy and it will be obeying all your commands leading to a happy owner and a more happy pet.

Dog toilet training is necessary if you do not want to have a hard time when your dog gets used to his bad habits. Get more information and tips:

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