Dog Whisperer

Dog whisperer, this title given to dog trainers has always intrigued me. In fact there is very little whispering going on when you are training dogs.

I should know, I have been around all kinds of animals throughout my life, and none of them ever responded to a whispered command.

So in terms the name dog whisperer is a misnomer, but however we will go with the term for now.

Like I have said I have been around animals, or should I say, they have been around me all my life.

I grew up on a small farm with pigs, horses, donkeys, all kinds of poultry, and of course cats and dogs. My favourite animals have always been pigs, horses, and of course dogs. My special interest in dogs came to me when I was a small boy. I was bitten by a staff bull terrier at the back of my leg. Fortunately I was running away from him at the time or else he would have scarred me for life. Why I took special interest in dog behaviour came right after that episode, when the owner kept screaming at the dog to stop and go back to him, but it just point blank would not obey the command.

How many times have you seen similar situations where dogs chase people, or other dogs and no matter what the owner does to stop them, they just cannot get a response from the dog. It’s like the dog has a mind of it’s own. Well lets face it, they do. And it is this part of the dog that the dog trainer must gain access too. The big question is how is this done. Well let me tell you, it is all about gaining control, not by intimidation, not by offering treats, although sometimes it is no harm if the dog has accomplished a difficult command to give him a tiny snack. Please, please, never give them chocolate.

Dogs cannot digest chocolate, and it can make them very sick because it just lies in the stomach where eventually it will be regurgitated, after the dog has felt unwell for a period of time. So please no chocolate.

It is wonderful to see a well behaved dog doing exactly what the owner tells it to do. Now it is not necessary to go above and beyond the normal training required just to give the dog some domestic manners, unless of course you want to put the dog into Crofts dog show. This kind of obedience training is done over quite a long time, but it is fantastic what some of these dogs are capable of doing. Just to give your dog discipline when you are out walking so that they do not drag on the lead, or break away from you to chase other dogs, or sit and beg, or just sit when you want to talk to a friend when out walking, these types of behaviour are not difficult to teach once you know the techniques, and there are many many eBooks and other forms of teaching methods available. The route I would advise you to go is definitely the eBook method, because it is always packed full of excellent techniques and methods of teaching. Remember no chocolate.

There is nothing like having a pet. Particularly dogs, they are the most loyal and trusting animal of all other animals, in my opinion.
They sit half sleeping, and half awake, just waiting for you to make a move, and once you get out of your chair or put on your walking shoes and coat, they are up and ready to go.
They can be excellent watch dogs, and many a life has been saved when they barked to warn the occupants that there is a fire in the house.
Then of course there are the dogs for the blind, what an amazing role in society they perform.

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