Doggie Bridesmaids

Your dog is an important part of your life and as such, should share the most important day of your life. Making your precious pet a part of the bridal party will make your special day even more memorable. There are countless possibilities for dressing your little girl up for the big day. Whether you want something simple and easy to deal with or the whole works, there are outfits to suit your budget and your tastes.

Simple Fashions

As much as you want your princess by your side on that special day, you may find you have more to do than you planned. Getting her ready may be more time-consuming than you can allow for. In that case go with something simple. Pretty necklaces of pearls or crystals can add just the right flair. For something a bit sassier, add pretty bows for her head that match the bridesmaids’ gowns. She could even wear a small wedding veil that will let everyone know she is someone special to the bride.

Casual but Fun

Doggie tees are simple to use and comfortable for your pooch. You can find them in all sorts of colors to match your wedding colors. They can even be personalized to carry a message or saying dear to your heart or humorous. With bridesmaid tees, your dog can be dressed for the big day while showing off her own personality.

Formal Wear

If you really want to go all out on your wedding day, let your dog wear her own bridesmaid gown. Bridesmaid gowns for dogs come in almost as many colors and fabrics as they do for their human counterparts. Velvet, satin and lace are some of the popular choices. You can find them studded with sequins, embellished with ruffles or garnished with flowers.

Whatever your tastes, you will find something suitable for your pooch. Top off the dress with a fancy hair bow and she’ll look almost as good as you will.

Bridal Gowns

Why dress one bride when you can dress two? A wedding gown for your dog will bring “oohs” and “ahs” from everyone. These gowns can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Imagine your pet decked out in satin and lace, ruffles and beads. Add a sparkly collar necklace, a tulle veil and you are all set. Finish it off with a new white leash and your dog has the perfect wedding day ensemble.

Doggie Clothesline offers a great selection of dog wedding attire for special events. See what they have to offer in dog tuxedos and dog dresses for your next celebration.

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