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Day Care = Pathetically Tired
doggie day care
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Sophie went to Doggie Day Care for the first time on Tuesday. She came home happy and passed out. SO worth .

You don’t have to leave man’s best friend out of the wedding day activities simply because he has nothing to wear. Adding your dog to your wedding day celebration will make the day even more memorable. With so much planning already on your plate, you may wonder how you can work this in. A doggie tuxedo option may be just the thing for your little man and there are several to choose from.

Go for Simple

If your dog isn’t use to wearing clothes or you need a quick way to add just a little flair for the day, try adding a collar bow tie. Ties can be found in all sorts of colors to match your wedding day theme. They are simple to use and will cause the least fuss for both the animal and the owner.

Tees, If You Please

A doggie tee can also add the sentiment you are looking for. Again, tees are available in a multitude of colors to match your wedding colors. They can be personalized to add some expression of humor or endearment that captures your feeling for the day.

A Vest May Be Best

If you are looking for something a little more formal without going “all the way”, you might consider a doggie vest. Complete with tuxedo vest front, collar and bow tie, these outfits dress up your pal in a sophisticated and fun way. Vests can also be a great option if the weather will be exceptionally warm, allowing your pet to look good while remaining cool.

Full On Formal

If you have the time to dress the dog (as well as yourself) and the inclination, you can opt for the full formal treatment and get a tuxedo. Styles include with or without sleeves. You can find them in black, white or even pinstriped models.

These full suits will make you little man a standout on your wedding day.


Whether you opt for the tee, the vest or the complete tuxedo, no outfit is complete without the accessories. Add some cufflinks for his front paws. Depending on the outfit, you may want to add a bow tie. The final crowning piece is the top hat. No tuxedo is really complete without a top hat.

Whatever your wedding day plans are, your dog can be part of them. From casual to formal bridal parties, there are ways to dress your dog in tuxedo-like attire that will make him fit right in.

Doggie Clothesline offers a great selection of dog wedding attire for special events. See what they have to offer in dog tuxedos and dog dresses for your next celebration.

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