Doggy Safety Tips You Must Use

Taking care of your dog is a bit like taking care of a young child. You have the responsibility to plan and think for your dog, you have to be prepared for emergencies, and you need to take the right precautions as well. Keeping your dog safe is important, and here are some important safety tips you need to use if you have a doggy of your own.

Tip #1 – It is important to ensure that all that all your dogs vaccinations are up to date and you have to make sure that he has the right ID and tags on him all the time. It is also a great idea to have a microchip put in your dog, which can keep your dog lost if he ends up getting lost. This way you have the best chance of getting your dog back.

Tip #2 – You need to obey the leash laws as well, which means that your dog needs to be kept in your yard and there should be a good fence to contain him. When you take your dog out, ensure you have a high quality leash on him and you shouldn’t allow your dog to just run loose in the neighborhood, which is a danger to him.

Tip #3 – Another safety tip to remember is to be very careful what foods you give to your dog. Your dog should not have raisins, onions, or chocolate. If you ever think your dog has eating something that is dangerous, call the vet.

Tip #4 – Take the time to train your dog to ride in a crate. When your dog is in the car, he should be riding in the crate, since this keeps him safe while you are traveling. Crate training can also help you when it comes to house training. This can also be helpful when you have to fly with your dog, since he will be required to fly inside a crate.

Tip #5 – Always have a first aid kit for your pet on hand and make sure you know how to use everything that is in it.

A quality kit will have a muzzle, surgical tape, antibacterial ointment, blankets, activated charcoal, gauze, cotton swabs, forceps, hydrogen peroxide, and more. If your dog does get hurt, make sure you are very careful, since he may accidentally bit you because he is in pain.

Tip #6 – When it is hot or cold outside, you need to take precautions with your dog. Dogs do not have the ability to sweat, which makes it tough for them to deal with extreme heat. They suffer when there is extreme weather. Never leave your dog in the vehicle during extreme cold or heat.

Tip #7 – Make sure that your dog always have safe water available to him. He should be able to drink whenever he is thirsty. Make sure you leave water out, especially if you are not home. Dogs can get dehydrated, so they need to have plenty of water.

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