Five Basic and Cool Tricks to Train Your Dog

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Pippin the Alaskan Klee Kai shows off his bow

Dogs are very lovable and clever animals. They make great pets for every people with different needs. Statistics have shown that thirty-seven percent of American homes own at least two dogs. It becomes further interesting to be aware that a typical American dog possessor spends $ 200 to $ 400 dollars for their lovable pet’s grooming maintenance, fitness, and nourishment.

Depending on the size, weight, and breed, dogs possess different abilities. Dogs can differ according to intelligence and how quick they can grasp a command, but all dogs can be trained. Dogs, however, like the Rottweilers, are larger and aggressive breeds so one needs to be more adept at training them. The following tips are few of the many sample tricks that you can teach your dog.

The “kiss” trick
The first is the “kiss” trick. This trick is where you can teach your dog to lick your hand on your command. You can repeatedly say “kiss me” or any command that you want that conveys kissing. Again, the dog will connect the sound and tone of your voice to kissing. When they have become familiarized with the trick, don’t forget to give your dogs a praise such as “good boy!” While patting his head. Your dog will comprehend and recognize that his owner appreciates what he is doing. A dog loves to be rewarded.

The “paw” trick
This is the easiest trick to learn. It involves shaking your hand with the dog’s paw. Begin this by making your dog sit, and then reach out your hand into holding his paw. Upon reaching his paw say “paw”. He may not understand the human language “paw” but he can associate its sound with his own paw. If he reaches out his paw to you, then it means that he has starte to get the point.

If not, just pat him gently on the head to show him you can be trusted with whatever you want him to do.

The “catch” trick
This trick is a very popular trick to for many dogs to learn. Dogs are active animals and they will surely love to catch something for their owner. You simply cast your dog’s favorite toy and he will, for sure, go after and catch it. Make sure that the treat is big enough for them to see it and small enough to prevent choking. Do this repeatedly to make your dogs familiarize with the command.

The “fetch” trick
This is another simple trick that is very easy to teach to the dogs because fetching is their inherent ability. It has the same command to the “catch” trick but this involves a toy instead of a treat. You can simply throw any toy that you want your dog to fetch. It can be a ball, a Frisbee or a twig. Do this repeatedly in an open area especially if you are talking your dog out for a walk. This trick makes for a good dog exercise and activity. But always don’t forget to reward your dog a treat every time he does tricks well.

The “beg” trick
While the first tricks are far simpler, here comes a more complex and skilled one: The “beg” trick. Start off by making your dog stand on his hind legs. Then make him hold a dog treat on his nose, afterwards, bring it slowly farther from him. Make sure that you continuously say “beg” then give him the treat. Again, he may not understand the language but he will develop a recognition of the voice as an act of begging for his treat. Do it repeatedly while waiting a little longer before handing the treat over for the dog to identify a closer association of your command in human language to the action it conveys.

There are many ways to teach tricks to our dogs whether simple or complex. They are generally clever domestic animals and with emotions too like us humans. One just have to be apt at teaching them. Make sure also that the tricks matches the dog’s breed. Talk your veterinarians and breeders for the best dog training know-how.

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