General Guidelines For Effective Canine Obedience Training

For those people who are deeply committed to caring their small animal companions, providing a quality life to their furry friend is just second nature to them. Most of them will see canine obedience training and dog daycare as bare essentials that their mutt must have for them to live the kind of life that they deserve. Thus, bringing your hound to the pet stylists is not a fancy but a necessity which is akin to you going on your usual ritual of pampering on a periodic basis. A critical part of your relationship with your hound is guiding it to behave in the manner that is ideal and acceptable. The best way to do is to train your mongrel the right way. The crux of the issue is not really on the necessity of such guidance and coaching activity but rather on how such guidance and training is to be conducted.

The key to the success of the training of your hound is the level of your involvement in the whole activity. It is important that your furry friend develop the behavior while acknowledging your role as the master and not anyone else. This will not happen if you will allow your mongrel to learn and develop a particular behavior listening to another person. Thus, it is essential that you only get the services of a competent and professional animal trainer. However, you may have some difficulty signing up for the mentoring sessions due to time constraints or some other reasons.

Here are some of the critical principles that you must remember for an effective and proper mentoring of your mutt. The proper and more effective technique to ensure that your mutt obeys you is to attach a reward for any right response it makes. A repetition of the process will allow the animal to associate the reward with a particular response.

This is based on the concept of positive reinforcement. For instance, what you can do is to assign somebody to hold the animal from a distance and call or make the appropriate sign or gesture for the animal to come to you.

When you call out your hound, make sure that you are doing it in a consistent tone so that the animal can get used to it and establish the distinction from the other orders or sounds you make. Once the animal makes the right response to your call, offer an appropriate reward to reinforce such positive behavior of your mutt. You must also “praise” the animal by saying in a light but distinctive tone “good boy.” In this way the animal will be able to associate the good experience from the response that it has made. You will have to repeat the process for days and weeks until you are sure that the mongrel is already comfortable with such behavior. Make sure that the animal becomes familiar with the condition and the desired behavior that is expected from such order or gesture.

Proper and effective training is crucial in developing the positive behavior of your mutt. Resorting to harsh punishments will not give you positive results. Positive reinforcement must be the focus of the coaching and behavior training and you must not subject your small animal companion to abuse.

Chuck Stewart recently reviewed canine obedience techniques while trying to figure out how to train his dog Francie. He checked out a dog daycare facility for his dog. His wife recently reviewed the work of several pet stylists for her dog’s hairdo.

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