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2012-02-14_SP_13_HDR Barstow Harvey House Train Station
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Barstow, CA Harvey House Train Station. Casa Del Desierto. California designated historical landmark Number 892.

This historical landmark was opened in 1911 and closed in 1971. Harvey House Restaurants were legendary in Western railroading. They paved the way to quality and first class dining.

Barstow was one of the last Harvey House Restaurants to close.

Dogs are intuitively clean. You may or may have not observed this with your own dog, but the knowledge will hopefully help you better understand why your dog displays certain apparently unpleasant traits. All dogs have their own definition of cleanliness and they instinctively act to maintain that standard. Dogs do not intentionally soil themselves. In fact, they have various inbuilt ways of avoiding doing so. Some dogs prefer to dispose of their waste on the grass, while others prefer to use gravel. You may not have noticed, but in this mannerism they are very similar to cats. It is best to consider these dog habits to be a positive element that can be worked on. A useful way to start training a dog, is to take advantage of these natural habits as a basis for fast and successful house training.

There are two essential steps when training a dog within your home. The first is to set up a specific living area for your dog. This can be set up in relatively little space in such places as the garage or the bathroom. Some people use a small area of the kitchen. It might not be such a good idea though to utilize any part of your living room for your dog, as it might be quite difficult for both you and he to accept that as his private space. It is highly advisable to spend some quality time with your pet in his own living area. The living area should be chosen as a potential place to play with your dog. Your dog should also be free to sleep and eat in that area. It will be more satisfactory and motivating for your pet if you also provide them with their own bed in the designated area. Have patience in dealing with your dog in the ‘his’ living area. Your dog may pass waste in there at first but later, will realize that it is their own living area and will then make an effort not to mess in there again.

Once your dog becomes familiar in sleeping in his specialized bed, it is then no longer a problem to transfer the bed to any part of the house, or anywhere you wish.

If you move the bed outside your dog’s living area, you will need to ensure that you confine your pet to the bed. If you are using a crate as his bed, make sure to close the crate’s door. If you are using a towel as your dog’s bed, place it behind particular furniture and harness your dog so he will not stray from the bed.

It is not advisable to leave your pet unattended while they are leashed, so you may well consider having the leash attached to yourself. You may for instance, clip one end of the leash to your belt loop. This would allow you to keep an eye on the dog and constantly supervise his conduct and activity.

The second step in house training a dog, is to set up a toilet area. You will then need to train him to pass waste in your prescribed toilet area. If your dog shows signs of wanting to, or actually starts, to do his business, then immediately take him to this area. Stay with your dog during this process each time until he finally establishes the habit of only passing waste in his own toilet area.

The steps outlined here are practical, yet have a significant impact on your dog’s disciplinary behavior. Once your dog develops such habits, moving on to a higher level of training should become much easier.

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