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We treat our dogs as well as we treat our children (some would say better) with good reason: They provide almost as much happiness as our kids do (some would say more) and not nearly as much trouble. You would not place your kids in the care of a dirty day care center run by a mean, nasty person. Why would you put your dog in such a place?

As a business, doggie day care has done very well over the past 15 years or so. These places range from one person taking care of a few dogs out of their home (sometimes illegally) to high-tech operations with plenty of land and hundreds of dogs in their care. How does one find the right doggie day care for their beloved pooch?

In my mind, what you should look for breaks down like this:

The place is clean. If you walk in and it smells like it hasn’t been cleaned in a month, chances are that it has not been cleaned in a while.This is no mere annoyance: A dirty doggy day care threatens the health of your dog and ultimately the health of your family because those smells indicate the presence of bacteria.  Those bacteria come home when Fido does.
The center is well staffed. If dozens of dogs are being tended by one person, they can’t possibly be getting the attention and love that they need to be healthy and happy.  Why not just leave your dog at home alone if they’re going to feel lonely anyway?
Big dogs are kept separate from the small dogs. Most doggie day cares do this, but a surprising number fail. Unless you want your Pug to experience severe panic attacks, you want to make sure they’re kept in a place with other dogs their own size, not threatened by bigger dogs.
A good doggie day care either specializes in aggressive breeds or does not accept them at all. Yes, I’m talking about Pit Bulls.
Other services are on offer, especially an on-call veterinarian. What if your dog gets sick while you’re at work or play? Additionally, it is highly convenient to be able to have Fido groomed while he is being cared for. It gives you one less errand to run.
The owners have good “chemistry” with your dog, and it shows from the outset. If your dog goes nuts or freaks out when they enter the place, turn around and find another place. Listen to your pet as you want them to listen to you.

Remember that your dog is a conscious living being, not some kind of inanimate status symbol. Find the right doggie day care, and both your dog’s and your lives will be enhanced.

Chuck Lin knows of a wonderful NYC dog day care center, conveniently located in Long Island City, Queens.

Watch this Queens dog boarder’s video!

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