How to Train Dogs

How to train a dog
how to train dogs
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It may seem like a very simple task at first, but training dogs isn’t a walk in the park. You see, even before you can actually walk your dog to the park, you have to teach your pooch to be obedient. Your dog won’t do anything for you unless you teach it the basics. Dogs are adventurous and playful creatures, so it is very important for you to take control of these attributes. Here are some tips on how to train dogs.

Be Consistent  

Dogs descended from wolves. This means that they go by the pack system. To get your dog’s trust, you have to show that you are a good leader – the leader of the pack. The trick is to establish yourself firmly. No is no and that’s your dog’s only option. Naturally, your new pet will test you and try to push boundaries. Show that this can’t be done and your rule is the law. However, you should so this in a non-threatening way. Use positive reinforcements and instill the idea that obedience entails reward.  

Use Your Eyes  

Using eye contact is an important thing to do if you want to reinforce your leadership. This lets the dog see that you know what you are doing and that you are very serious about giving instructions. Look into your dog’s eyes when giving instructions. This will show him or her that you are the authority figure to be followed.  

Use Fair Punishment  

Even the most good natured dogs can get a bit disobedient sometimes. Dog’s playful and adventurous nature carries them away and causes them to disobey you. In an even this happens, do not use force or violence. Beating your dog, hitting it, or screaming at it will only instill fear. This will be detrimental to your pet.

He or she might develop traumas and not be capable of responding normally. So if your dog disobeys you, use a disappointed tone and use gestures. Show that you are upset. Maintain eye contact when doing so. Some forms of sensible punishment is sending your pet to the doghouse, taking away a toy, and not giving doggie treats.  

Be Compassionate  

Show your pet that aside from being a leader, you can also be a friend. Being a good owner will make your dog loyal to you. He or she will gladly follow everything you say. Show affection and appreciation for a job well done. This will motivate your pet t be obedient.  

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