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I have read a lot of good books and articles over the years on dog training lessons, but If there is one very important piece of information so often overlooked by dog trainers and handlers, than that is to get your dogs attention focused on you the owner/handler, before you can even think to start with training excersises. Getting your dog’s attention is so crucial that if you don’t, you are wasting your time and just might get yourself and your dog into a negative state of mind. Any tipe of dog who is not trained in the basics will not listen but walk wherever he wants, and that makes them difficult to handle. No matter what you do, if getting your dog’s attention are not done correctly, you will never be able to handle or control your dog. You first need to stop the dragging, pulling or walking in any direction they want by getting the attention of your dog.

The following handling tips will be very helpfull in addressing your problem.

1. Your dog’s attention must always be focussed on you and if you start walking in a certain direction, the dog must follow you without been called.
2. Your dog must keep pace with you and stay next to your left leg.Vary your pace by walking faster and slower.
3. Your dog must walk beside you and follow the direction you would like to go. If the dog bumps against you or gets into your way, do not move away. Start walking into the dog and push him away with your knees.

It is very important to understand that Training must not develop into a tug of war with your dog because you don’t want to choke him. Be firm with your commands and take the lead. Training your dog is always a good investment and at the end of the day you must be able to handle and control your dog.

Always treat them as your best friend…

My name is Theo Els and I specialise in Basic Obedience Training Techniques for Dogs and Handlers, using an easy to learn technique that was develop and perfected over a 33 year period of dog training. I will show you practical steps, using video footage, verbal instructions and written instructions on how to successfully train your dog, in the comfort of your own home. I am not claiming to be the best but most trainers overlook a very impotant part of dog training, and that is to get your dog’s attention focused on you the owner/handler before you can start with dog training exercises. This Technique is revolutionary and dramatic results are achieved within a short period. GoTo: and learn how to successfully achieve this very important training technique.

It’s Super Bowl sunday on the morning of the Saints vs. Colts and I popped in our dog training class to watch a few of our customers as they enjoy their dogs…
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