Labrador Retriever Training and Care

Labrador retrievers are the energetic dog and the epitome in the family. In order to satisfy his want for the work and the exercise, he needs to be fairly active in the household. The daily exercise, walks, games to fetch will keep their body and the mind healthy. If these needs are not guaranteed then they can be lazy wanderer. The training sessions of the lab should start with the leash training at very first time you bring them home. They should be taught to sit in order to avoid their jumping habits. You can also teach them to shake their paws and to fetch. After that they can learn to find the hidden thing using their nose.

Labs are the fast growing pups with the exuberant traits that can get him into different kind of trouble with other dogs and also with the neighbors who do not understand his habits. So early training is their necessity. They can reach to the adulthood within six or seven month, so if they aren’t trained early, their sturdy body and the rambunctious nature will be hard to tackle. For the perfect Labrador retriever training, you can take your pup to the basic obedience classes to teach them manners and to be the good member of the family.

During the Labrador retriever training period, all the members of the family should participate in the training. And there must be consistency between the family members in order not to make the dog confused. Labs are very much eager to learn. Also they are firm but gentle guidance should be provided to them which will help to create a strong bond within the members of family. So the discipline should be gentle to them. Shouting and smacking with the newspaper will lead to the misbehaving reactions.

As the Labradors are the fast growing dog, they can suffer from the hip dysplasia.

So they must be fed with the perfect diet prepared for the large breed of puppies. The food given to the labs must contain less than 25 percent of protein as to avoid the joint problem when they grow up. You can teach him to sit before keeping the food in front of them to avoid their jumping at the meal. Feed them twice or thrice a day. Their diet must be controlled, as these labs have the tendency to be obese. The proper diet should be given to the dog along with the proper Labrador retriever training.

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