Leash Training Puppies – Simple Steps

After experiencing how terrible a dog without proper leash training can be from my parent’s black lab, I decided to make sure this didn’t happen to me. I’ve done quite a bit of research now and experimented using my grandmother’s new beagle puppy to find that it’s a success! Leash training puppies is a truly simple, effective way to kill bad habits before they start. I want to take you through the easy process that can save you a lot of hassle later.

First is collar introduction. It’s not “natural” for a dog to wear a collar around their neck, as such, they will be resistant to it. It’s recommended that you use a lighter weight collar for that reason. To ease off a bit of their dislike of the collar, try to put it on them non-chalantly while they’re distracted. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use play, food or treats as a distraction. They will likely make a lot of ruckus trying to get it off. Don’t take it off of them until after they’ve settled down and accepted that it’s not coming off. This is an important factor in leash training puppies.

Second is leash introduction. Once your pup is comfortable with it’s collar, the leash needs to be eased into as well. Throughout the entire process of leash training puppies, it’s important to remember that this is not a natural process for them and to bear with their unwillingness and remain patient and positive. As with nearly all things in dog training, positive reinforcement is key. Anyways, back to the point, with the collar on your puppy calmly, next attach the leash and continue preoccupying your pup while he gets accustomed to the leash. Don’t hold the other end just yet. Let him wander with the leash attached while you supervise and watch mother nature do her work.

The final step is walking with your puppy.

During this important step in leash training puppies it’s important to remember not to tug, nor to let the puppy tug. Should your puppy try pulling you along, stop moving and wait for him to come back to your side with a loose leash. Give him plenty of praise and even treats when he’s successfully walking beside you. Keep the training periods short and make them longer as he gets the hang of it.

I’m glad you’re taking interest in leash training puppies, there’s still SO much more to learn. Being a responsible pet owner is truly a never ending job. Head over to and continue your pursuit.

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