Preventive Care for Pet Dogs

1949 Ad, Sergeant’s Dog Care Products
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Vintage 1940s magazine advertisement, Sergeant’s Dog Care Products, 1949

"Goodbye itch! Goodbye flea! With Sergeant’s that’s how it can be!"

Published in Look magazine, July 19, 1949, Vol. 13, No. 15.

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Dogs are our best companions. When your dog suffers from a health condition, is can be heart-wrenching. As a responsible dog owner, you should foresee the health problems your dog could potentially have and prevent them early on. Preventive health care can help save your dog from a lot of illnesses in the future.


Diseases such as rabies, canine distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis are some of the common health risks that dogs face. Having the dog vaccinated against these conditions helps maintain the dog’s optimal health and also saves people from getting infected. Pain, fever and allergic reactions to vaccine are quite possible, so it is important for the veterinarian to conduct a physical evaluation first.


Grooming is not only important to the physical appearance of the dog but also to its overall health. Dogs can actually get sick from poor grooming. Germs, bacteria and parasites can accumulate in the dog’s fur, ears, and nails from all the dirt. Your dog must be bathed at least once a week. Use a dog shampoo that your veterinarian or pet hygienist has recommended. Brush the fur regularly to remove dirt and nasty tangles. Nails must be trimmed at least once a month.


Itching from fleas and ticks can be horrible. These parasites can cause itching, hairfall, reddening and swelling of the affected area, and Lyme disease. There are available pesticides at pet stores that you can use for your dog in case this happens. If over-the-counter products go not work as expected, consider bringing your dog to a specialist. It may be best to bring it to a Rockwall animal hospital where dogs are given the best treatment for tick and flea infestation.


Don’t neglect your dog’s dental health. Bad breath could be an indication that your dog is suffering from a dental condition. Ask the veterinarian which dental products to use when brushing the dog’s teeth. If the dog experiences severe symptoms such as excessive salivation, pain when chewing, and tartar build-up, you must bring it to a Rockwall vet for proper dental care.


Regular check-ups must be done at least once a year for early detection and treatment of ailments. Sometimes, a proper veterinary exam is conducted for a more thorough analysis of the dog’s condition. Visit Rockwall veterinary clinics for the best pet care available.

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