Puppy and Dog Training

If you have a new puppy or dog then you may be interested in providing basic dog training. The training of dog should be taught by an experienced instructor, or you can do the training yourself. The dog training by the instructor may vary in fee and it generally occurs in a class. If you do the training yourself then it is usually free of cost and you can do it at your home. If you choose the option to train the dog yourself then it is best to get enough knowledge about dog training. There are 3 important things that you need to know about dog’s training. These are stay, sit and come. The first part includes the training of your dog to sit. To begin this, you will first require some dog treats. You should do this type of training in some quite environment so your dog does not get diverted.

Tell the dog to sit frequently as you grasp the dog’s treat just over their head. In this way, the dog has to look up and can sit on their own. If still it is not sitting then gently push the rear down. When they sit down, admire them and reward them with treat. This type of training works because dog continuously hears the word ‘sit’ and will be taught to associate the instruction with sitting and getting praise. The other part of dog training is to teach your dog to stay. This is usually a difficult part of training. This type of training is also included with teaching your dog the instruction ‘come’. Sit your dog in some area with no guidelines. Inform the dog to stay frequently as you pull back. Begin with staying an eye contact with your dog. If your dog gets up then say ‘no’ and start again. Keep in mind that training of dog takes time. You may have to sit with dog to reinforce him to stay the first few times.

Once you have get success in this dog’s training, you then begin by walking away with your rear turned.

Dogs will usually will get up and go after you at this point. Then inform the dog ‘no’ and begin the training again by frequently saying your dog to stay at your place as you walk away. Once the dog has mastered this command, you may teach it come. After your dog get stayed, say it to ‘come’. You should have a good voice and tap your knee as you say ‘come’. Your pet should response to this type of dog training and you may then give it reward. Always try to make use of praise instead of giving punishment. Dogs react best to optimistic training, rather than negative. With the help of this in mind, you should be able to train your dog the 3 fundamental commands. Follow all of these tips and you have a dutiful and obedient dog. Take as much time as you can in order to get the best dog training.

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