Successfully Training Small Dogs

Training small dogs is essential for all dog owners. It helps them mould their dogs into what they would actually like them to be. Through training, they are able to learn what is expected of them successfully.

To begin with, when training them, it is necessary to remember that each dog is unique and should thus be treated as such. Different dogs have different personalities and every training method used should be tailored towards meeting their individual needs.

Although small dogs are generally fast learners, it is important to remember that some of them may be a little stubborn. You have to be patient and spend extra time training them. However, if you are to train them successfully, you have to be very patient with dogs. Every dog will learn at his own pace, but ultimately if you are patient enough, your dog too will learn what you expect of him.

Small dogs are generally happy dogs that are often very eager to please you. However, most of them are ‘soft’ dogs’ that do not respond well to harsh conditions. Because of this fact, it is crucial to remember that you must be very gentle in the way that you handle them. Being harsh will only make your dog fear you or even become aggressive towards other people.

Training small dogs also requires a lot of consistency from you. If you start teaching your dog a given command, use the same command every time you expect a particular response from him. If you keep changing your commands, yet still expect the same response, then you will only be confusing your dog and he may never really learn what you are teaching him.

Finally, training small dogs requires that you reward your dogs every time they make some progress.

This and much more will make training small dogs an experience you will never forget.

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