The Different Types of Puppy Training Classes

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puppy training classes

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It is advised that you go to puppy training classes as it would help you train your little puppy. However not all puppy training classes are appropriate to your puppy as most of the classes need your puppy to get to a certain age. This article will provide you with useful information on the different types of training classes.

1. Puppy Kindergarten

It is vital for your puppy to learn to socialize with other humans and fellow dogs. Typically, in a puppy socializing class, your puppy will learn how to interrelate with other dogs and humans. During this time your puppy and you will learn basic house manners, puppy basics, and how to tackle ordinary behavior problems like jumping, biting, chewing and barking. In these classes you will also be provided with information on puppy development and puppy care.

2. Basic Obedience Training

As part of these classes puppy owners will learn to school their puppies in essential obedience commands such as come, sit and stand. You will also be learned a variety of dog training movements so that you can teach your puppy to concentrate on what you are doing, additional positive dog behaviors and methods that will help to make your puppies calmer. You will also be told about grooming, leadership and correcting behavioral problems. In general, the aim of this class is to help you have a disciplined friend and companion as part of your family and household.

3. Transitional Obedience Training

This class will help to construct and strengthen the learning from the fundamental obedience training. As a puppy owner you will be told basic leash training and about turns with your puppy. Your puppy will be a dog already at this stage, and will be able to follow strangers, sit graciously for petting and will be mannerly whilst walking through many people.

Your puppy will follow your instructions in a composed way. Your dog will also learn how to act in response to other dogs and a variety of situations where they can be sidetracked.

4. Advance Dog Obedience

These classes are intended for puppy owners and puppies that have had basic and/or transitional puppy training classes. In these classes your dog will learn exercises while of the leash and also good manners. As a dog owner you will also obtain consistency concerning recalls and stay commands. You will also have the chance to teach your dog some tricks which may include fetching and jumping. On the whole, you will be able to grow in self-confidence and manage your dog while doing activities off the leash. Dogs that are not taught to act well are usually not permitted in these training programs.

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