Toilet Training a Cat

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dog toilet training
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What cat wouldn’t want to avoid having to step into their smelly litter box? It is even more frustrating for a male cat who has not been neutered. The urine has a stronger smell for the male cats who are breeding, because they are marking their territory. To greatly reduce the strong feline odor in your home, especially when breeding a male, try toilet training.

It just isn’t possible to let your male feline go outside whenever he needs to go to the bathroom. This will cause your yard to start smelling when he marks it all as his territory. When a male cat is marking his territory, your gardens and shrubbery can be ruined, along with your house having a foul odor. This doesn’t take into account the fact that your male cats might affect the female cats you own. It is ideal to keep the male cat indoors so he will not go on mating with female cats in the neighborhood and making many kittens.

The process of toilet training a cat is very easy if you are patient, even if the cat is an older male. While toilet training a cat, keep in mind, that older cats will take longer to train. It’s not a considerable length of time, but you will notice the younger cats will get it faster. If you put it in the bathroom, this is the first step to toilet training a cat. Remember this helpful tip: if your house has more than one bathroom, use one for humans and use the other for toilet training your cat.

This will help your cat become accustomed to going in the bathroom to find their litter and use it. Keep the box close to the toilet may be helpful as well. You can relocate the litter box to a small, sturdy stool as soon as your cat is accustomed to going in the bathroom.

This will cause your cat to make a habit of jumping up in order to use it’s litter box. Next, to toilet train a cat, you should exchange the litter box for a toilet.

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