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Tudor Grange Park – Solihull – sign – Please keep your Dog under control …
training your dog
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This is Tudor Grange Park in Solihull.

While I was here, it started to rain a bit, but it didn’t stop me taking photos here.

Information below from the above linked Wikipedia article:

Tudor Grange Park is located in Solihull, West Midlands. The Park is located very close to the town centre, within easy walking distance, and is adjacent to the local train station and Leisure Centre, Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. It is described by the council as an informal recreation area with a stream dissecting the park, and holds some major events such as the Solihull Carnival.[1]

The Park was bought by the Council in 1946, formerly being farmland belonging to the Bird Family, of Bird’s Custard fame, who lived at Tudor Grange, which is now part of the adjacent Solihull College.

As well as providing for a well-equipped children’s play area, a skate park was built in 2003. There is also a cycle track and pitch and putt course at the south west ends of the site.


The site benefits from a stream, the Alder Brook, which fills a small lake providing a valuable haven for many wildfowl, including for Geese, Swans, Ducks, Moor hens and Coots.

Sign by the lake – Please keep your Dog under control and Preserve the Wildlife – S.M.B.C.

Training your dog means that you are teaching your dog the basic rules and things that should be expected by you. These can include the common rules such as not peeing in the house, walking closely on the lead, and listening to commands when they are spoken. This is something that virtually all owned dogs deal with, and you will be hard pressed today to find an owned dog that has not had some form of training. These common guidelines are what make the dog special in the field of family pets, in that they rely on us for so much yet are intelligent enough to understand what we want from them.

Works Both Ways

When it comes to training your dog, this is something that basically works both ways. You will relay to the dog what it is you expect of them, and this will give you the chance to understand what your dog understands. This is a bond, and with dedication and work, you could find that this relationship will be one of your fondest. Dogs are amazing animals and they show just how smart they are each and every day. Using the power of their intelligence, you should be able to show them that they can follow your rules and be productive as a family pet. You will enjoy your dog far more, if you take the time to ensure that it is trained. There will be far less conflicts between dog and owner, and you will be enjoying them more than reprimanding them.

For The Family

Training your dog is as much for the dog, as it is for the whole family. Dogs are an animal that mingles within a family setting quite well today, and if your dog is not behaving due to a lack of training it will bring the whole family to a standstill. No one wants to get rid of the family dog, but if the dog is simply not behaving there is often no other alternative.

This is why training is so important, as it teaches the family dog exactly what is expected of them and how they should behave. Without training, the family dog could actually cause quite a few problems in the home and this would not be enjoyable for either the dog or the family. Take the time to train your dog, so you do not have to face such a decision in the future.

Gives Them Opportunities

Training your dog will give them opportunities that they would not otherwise have. They could actually go with you to places that without the training they simply could not. Some restaurants and cafes allow the presence of dogs, and if your dog is poorly behaved they will not be one of the lucky ones. Take the time to train your dog right, and you will be glad that you did. Training will help the dog in your home, as well as socially.

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