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The closest the average person will get to see a close protection officer in action is in the movies where the on-screen action is grossly exaggerated for dramatic effect. In real life, close protection officers are required for numerous security solutions working in teams or solo as an individual bodyguard. Before a bodyguard becomes accredited they undergo comprehensive Close Protection Training that covers a wide variety of specialist subjects. People from a variety of working backgrounds undergo Close Protection Training with former military personnel and police officers being well suited to new roles as close protection officers. Officers that undergo Close Protection Training are well versed in first aid, conflict management and the competent use of firearms.

Whats involved?

Professional Close Protection Training isnt just about how cool you look in a pair of sunglasses. During training the officers will undergo a demanding regime that provides them with detailed Close Protection Training thats designed to equip them with the skills, knowledge and ability to become a highly effective team member. Some of the core modules could include threat and risk assessment, route planning, search awareness, vehicle techniques, evasive and advanced driving skills. A trained close protection officer should be highly proficient at reconnaissance as well as knowing current legislation about the appropriate use of force. These are just some of the key elements that are covered during Close Protection Training. Certificates of competence are handed out upon successful completion of the Close Protection Training and assistance finding employment is also available through certain training providers.

Not from a military background?

Not everyone that undergoes Close Protection Training comes from a former services background. Civilians that want a demanding but highly rewarding career are able to undertake Close Protection Training to become close protection officers. All of the Close Protection Training is relevant and realistic; it has to be to fully prepare close protection officers for what lies ahead once they become involved in real life scenarios. Having successfully completed the Close Protection Training, security personnel might be deployed to work in hostile overseas environments, or they could be assigned to protect delegates whose lives might be in danger through acts of terrorism. specialise in Close Protection Training . We cover basic first aid, fire awareness and conflict management. For an accredited certificate, contact us for Close Protection Training .

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