How To Do Force Free Dog Training

Just as there are millions of different techniques to raise children, there are tons of different styles of training pets. Dogs are great animals because they are loyal and easily trained. Finding the right way to train your dog can help you develop a deeper and more understanding relationship with man’s best friend. Force free dog training is generally seen as the most successful training technique.

As the name implies, this technique consists of training your dog without using physical violence as a punishment. Some people think that if you hit your dog on the rear-end every time he barks, he will soon learn that he is not supposed to bark. This method, although successful, can make your dog live in fear of being physically reprimanded, and compromise the quality of your relationship.

An equally successful way of teaching your dog right from wrong is by rewarding your dog when he or she does something right. This is referred to as positive reinforcement. Instead of instilling fear in them, you are inspiring them to do things in search of a reward. This way, your dog will love you for giving him or her treats, rather than fear you for hitting them.

Dog training should begin the moment you bring the animal home. If you allow your dog to pee all over the carpet for the first 2 years of his life, and then start attempting to potty train him, it will be much harder than training him during the first few months of his life. A great way to do this is to simply pick your dog up and place him on some newspaper every time he starts to go to the bathroom. Once he has picked up the habit, give him a treat of pet him and praise him when he using the newspaper.

Remember that dogs cannot pay attention for long amounts of time and cannot understand the words you speak to them. Praise and punishment is all about tone and timing. If you praise your dog by giving him a treat 10 minutes after he used the bathroom on the newspaper, he will not associate his behavior with the treat. Make sure the praise happens immediately so they can associate the two things: treats and newspaper.

Another way to speed up the process is to have one trainer in the family. When your techniques such as tone and commands, are consistent, the dog will learn more quickly. Use the same tone and words in each situation, and consistently reward when he does something right. The dog will pick up the pattern sooner or later.

If it is possible to train your dog in a quiet atmosphere, do so. When there are fewer distractions around, your dog is more likely to pick up the lessons quickly. Things such as the television or kids playing can be loud and distracting. If you are teaching your dog tricks such as “sit” or “shake”, do so in a quiet room or corner of the park.

An important thing to remember while force free dog training is to take it slow. Start with easier tasks and move up to harder ones. Do not expect your dog to speak on command when he has not even been potty trained yet.

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