Using Dog Treats To Train Your Dog

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Helping your dog to learn new tricks and follow obedience commands can be facilitated in various ways. But, if you would like to use a safe and easy method that would be beneficial for you and your dog, why not use dog treats to reinforce his learning process? Using treats as the primary component of your reward-punishment system is a good means for your pet to respond to commands easily. If he executes the command you gave him or if he behaves correctly during obedience training, give him treats to let him know that he is doing the right thing. If he does not follow the commands you ask him or if he’s behavior is a bit unruly, do not give him treats as a form of punishment.

Dog treats can be used in several means. They could be used as reinforcements for canine pets to encourage them to follow obedience commands, have an active attitude and how to behave in given situations. Treats also signify how pleased you are as a master about the actions of your dog. Consequently, you can also use treats as a substitute for praising and tapping if they do not work for your dog while training.

If you would be using dog treats for your pets learning reward-punishment system, you have to understand that they should be used interchangeably with praises. Providing him too much treats may actually lead your dog to become dependent to such snacks, that in the long run he might not follow your commands if you don’t throw him some treats. Likewise, treats should only be given during the initial stages of the learning process and later on should be replaced with patting and praising. As much as possible set aside two different treats for your dog; one of which will be used for training and the other one as a part of his diet.

There are various kinds of treats; some are quite simple like cookies and can be used as rewards, while others are designed to aid in digestion and clean the teeth of canine pets. When buying treats, it is important that you know what purpose it will serve in order for you to make the right purchasing decision. As much as possible do not pick generic treats that usually contain hazardous ingredients that could harm your pet, rather settle for the ones that are made from natural or organic ingredients to ensure your pet’s health. Today, there are many dog food lines in the market that offer healthy natural or organic treats for canines, one of which goes by the name Wellness dog food.

Wellness dog food is known for their natural meals and treats for canines. All their products, may they be food mixes or treats, are formulated from the best human-grade ingredients, ensuring their quality and safety. If your pet is on diet, Wellness’ “pure rewards” treats will definitely complement him as these treats are free from grains and contain minimal ingredients that are appropriate for the nutritional needs of dieting pets. They also have the “Wellbars and Wellbites” snacks that are perfect complementary treats for the health of your dog. Your puppies won’t be left behind as well because Wellness has this special treats called “just for puppy treats,” which is especially designed for young pooches and are made from the combination of healthy ingredients like salmon, lamb, carrots, blueberries and flaxseed.

Aside from Wellness, another dog food company that offer healthy treats for canine pets is Burns dog food. The meals and treats from Burns are painstakingly formulated by a veterinary surgeon, which in turn ensures pet owners that they are healthy for canine pets. They provide an assortment of treats both for the benefit of puppies and adult canines. If you would like to train your dog, try using their “Burns dog training treats” as a part of your reward-punishment system, and if you have to attend to something for a short period of time, keep your pooch preoccupied by giving him “Burns venison tongues.” The said dog food line also created healthy treats for pets with sensitivities to meat or other protein sources which they call “Burns venison ears” and “burns venison hearts.”

Dog training is a good means for your dog to learn new commands and appropriate behavior. In order to reinforce the learning process of your pet, try using dog treats as rewards when he follow the commands that you ask him to do. When selecting treats, it is important that you choose the ones made from natural ingredients.

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